What Determines the Value of an Emerald?

0c1The usual factors that determine the value of all colored gemstones are clarity, cut, color and carat weight. In the case of Emeralds, color and clarity dominate value determination. Which color is the optimum color for Emerald is widely debated, but it can be stated that the more intense the color, the greater the value. Emeralds range in color from a watery light green to a rich velvety green.

All Emeralds have inclusions unlike other gemstones; these characteristic inclusions do not detract appreciably from the value of the Emeralds unless they are distracting or adversely impact the brilliance of the gemstone. Inclusions that are prevalent to the extent that they are distracting and diminish the brilliance of the Emerald will greatly reduce the value of the gemstone.

0000aa1-0Colombia enjoys the reputation of supplying the finest in Emeralds. The color, Clarity and Crystal are not seen in any other source of Emeralds in the world.

At Emeralds Maravellous we are in the Colombian emerald business. We use 100% genuine Colombian emeralds. Our goal is to share the beauty and quality of these marvelous emeralds with all and that each piece we sell will be treasured by it's new owner for years to come.