About Us

We at Emeralds Maravellous specialize in the design and manufacturing of fine jewelry pieces. Our jewelry is recognized by its uniquely modern, but yet sophisticated designs and we offer a selection of Estate jewelry. 
All pieces are carefully balanced with natural colored gemstones including Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, Spinels, Tsavorites, Mandarin Garnets, Demantoids, Pearls and Diamonds. Our goal is to share the beauty and quality of these marvelous emeralds and gemstones with all and that each piece we sell will be treasured by it’s new owner for years to come.
Emeralds Maravellous obtains its emeralds from Colombia, the mines of which produce some of the best stones available in the world today. 
Colombia enjoys the reputation of supplying the finest in Emeralds. The color, clarity and crystal are not seen in any other source of Emeralds in the world.
At Emeralds Maravellous we provide each of our customers with an extremely safe and secure transaction, incredible customer service, and an effortless money back guarantee. These three factors will be automatically carried over into our online practices as we introduce exquisite hand-picked pieces to the public.
Since its founding more the 17 years ago Emeralds Maravellous has brought to many a Treasured Heirloom!