Tips on Caring for Jewelry




To clean your jewel, use tepid soapy water and clean it gently with a soft brush and pH-neutral soap.

We recommend that you brush gently and repeatedly on the underside of the gemstone. Then rinse it carefully with fresh tepid water, dry it and polish it with a soft cloth. Do not clean an emerald or other soft stone as opal and aquamarine in ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners or acetone. These may cause damage. An emerald should never be exposed to high heat or sudden temperature change. Avoid using strong soaps, jewelry cleaner liquids or other cleaners as most of these are not good for emeralds or any other soft stones. Cleaning should be done no more frequently than is necessary. This quick, easy operation will preserve your jewelry's beautiful brilliance. 

Store your emerald jewel in a separate compartment in your jewelry box to keep it from being scratched by other jewelry.